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King’s Wharf, Bermuda: 45+ Things to Do, Logistics & More!

Welcome to King’s Wharf, Bermuda’s crown jewel, where azure seas meet pink sand beaches.

This guide is your key to unlocking over 45 exhilarating activities, insider tips, and the logistics for planning the adventure of a lifetime in this paradisiacal destination.

Preparing for Your Trip to King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Embarking on a journey to King’s Wharf, Bermuda, promises an unforgettable adventure. To ensure a smooth experience, it’s crucial to prepare effectively.

This section will guide you through everything from travel documents to what to pack.

Travel Documents and Entry Requirements

  • Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Bermuda.
  • Visa: Most tourists do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days. However, check Bermuda’s visa requirements for your country.
  • Travel Insurance: Highly recommended. Opt for coverage that includes medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.

Best Time to Visit

  • Peak Season (May to October): Warm temperatures and ideal for beach activities. However, expect larger crowds and higher prices.
  • Off-Peak Season (November to April): Cooler weather, fewer tourists, and lower prices. Perfect for those seeking a more relaxed visit.

Getting There

  • By Air: L.F. Wade International Airport is Bermuda’s main gateway. Check for direct flights from major cities.
  • By Cruise: King’s Wharf is a popular cruise ship port. Check cruise lines for schedules and routes.
King's Wharf Bermuda

Local Transportation

  • Public Buses and Ferries: Economical and convenient for exploring Bermuda. Purchase a transportation pass for unlimited use.
  • Scooters and Electric Bikes: Available for rent. Great for independent exploration but drive cautiously on the left side of the road.
  • Taxis: Readily available but can be pricey. Agree on the fare in advance or ensure the meter is running.

Currency and Payments

  • Bermudian Dollar (BMD): Pegged to the US dollar. US dollars are widely accepted.
  • Credit Cards and ATMs: Most establishments accept major credit cards. ATMs are available, but it’s wise to carry some cash.

What to Pack

  • Clothing: Light, breathable fabrics. Include a mix of casual beachwear and formal attire for dining out.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are essentials.
  • Water Shoes: Recommended for rocky beaches and exploring coral reefs.
  • Adapter: Bermuda uses British-style three-pin electrical plugs (Type G).

Health and Safety

  • Vaccinations: No special vaccinations required, but up-to-date routine vaccines are recommended.
  • Sun Safety: The sun can be intense. Stay hydrated and seek shade during peak hours.
  • Emergency Numbers: Dial 911 for emergency services.

By carefully preparing for your trip with these essential tips and practical advice, you’re setting the stage for a seamless and enjoyable visit to King’s Wharf, Bermuda.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun on a pink sand beach, exploring historic sites, or diving into the island’s vibrant culture, these preparations will help ensure that your Bermuda adventure is nothing short of spectacular.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Things to Do and See in King’s Wharf, Bermuda

King’s Wharf, Bermuda, offers a plethora of activities catering to every interest and budget.

From cultural experiences to adventure sports, natural wonders, and relaxing beach days, there’s something for everyone.

Below are 45 activities, complete with brief descriptions and general price ranges, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this enchanting destination.

Cultural and Historical Sites

  1. Royal Naval Dockyard
    • Explore the maritime history of Bermuda at the Royal Naval Dockyard, featuring museums, art galleries, and craft markets. (Free – $$)
  2. National Museum of Bermuda
    • Dive into Bermuda’s past, from maritime history to local culture, at this expansive museum located within the dockyard. ($$)
  3. Fort Scaur
    • Enjoy panoramic views and learn about Bermuda’s military history at this hilltop fort. (Free)
  4. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
    • Climb to the top of one of the oldest cast-iron lighthouses in the world for breathtaking views. ($$)
  5. St. George’s Historical Society Museum
    • Discover Bermuda’s early settlers and their way of life in this museum located in a historic building. ($$)

Beaches and Natural Attractions

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach
    • Relax on pink sand or swim in crystal-clear waters at one of Bermuda’s most famous beaches. (Free)
  2. Snorkel Park Beach
    • Enjoy a day of snorkeling, water sports, and fun in the sun at this family-friendly beach. ($ – $$$)
  3. Crystal Caves
    • Explore the stunning underground caves and their clear blue pools. ($$$)
  4. Blue Hole Park
    • Discover natural beauty, from lush trails to hidden caves and swimming holes. (Free)
  5. Tom Moore’s Jungle
    • Adventure through Bermuda’s wilderness, featuring mangroves, caves, and unique flora. (Free)

Adventure and Sports

  1. Dolphin Quest
    • Experience the joy of swimming with dolphins in a natural ocean lagoon. ($$$$)
  2. Jet Ski Adventures
    • Explore Bermuda’s coastline on a thrilling jet ski tour. ($$$)
  3. Parasailing
    • Take in aerial views of the island while parasailing over crystal-clear waters. ($$$)
  4. Scuba Diving
    • Dive into Bermuda’s underwater world, exploring coral reefs and shipwrecks. ($$$ – $$$$, depending on certification)
  5. Golfing
    • Play a round of golf on Bermuda’s world-class courses with stunning ocean views. ($$$ – $$$$, depending on course)
King's Wharf Bermuda

Arts, Crafts, and Shopping

  1. Bermuda Craft Market
    • Browse local crafts and artworks, perfect for unique souvenirs. (Free entry, $ – $$ for items)
  2. Clocktower Mall
    • Shop for Bermuda shorts, local jams, and more in this iconic shopping center. (Free entry, $ – $$$ for items)
  3. Bermuda Glassblowing Studio
    • Watch artisans at work and purchase beautiful glass creations. (Free entry, $$ – $$$ for items)
  4. Jon Faulkner Gallery
    • Admire and buy contemporary ceramic art. (Free entry, $$ – $$$ for items)
  5. Bermuda Arts Centre
    • Explore local art exhibitions and workshops in a vibrant community setting. (Free entry, $ – $$$ for artworks)

Food and Drink Experiences

  1. Rum Tasting Tour
    • Sample Bermuda’s famous Gosling’s rum and learn about its history. ($$)
  2. Bermuda Cooking Class
    • Learn to prepare traditional Bermudian dishes in a hands-on cooking class. ($$$)
  3. Dockyard Brewing Company
    • Taste locally brewed beers and take a brewery tour. ($$)
  4. Afternoon Tea
    • Enjoy traditional Bermudian afternoon tea with a twist. ($$ – $$$)
  5. Seafood Dining
    • Indulge in fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants offering breathtaking views. ($$$ – $$$$, varies by restaurant)

Relaxation and Wellness

  1. Spa Treatments
    • Pamper yourself with a spa day, enjoying massages and beauty treatments. ($$$ – $$$$, varies by spa)
  2. Yoga Classes
    • Participate in a yoga class on the beach, combining relaxation with stunning views. ($$ – $$$)
  3. Beach Picnic
    • Enjoy a serene picnic on one of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches. ($ – $$, depending on provisions)
  4. Sunset Cruise
    • Watch the sunset over the ocean on a relaxing cruise. ($$$)
  5. Botanical Gardens
    • Stroll through beautifully maintained gardens and greenhouses. (Free – $ for guided tours)
King's Wharf Bermuda

Unique Experiences

  1. Helmet Diving
    • Walk on the ocean floor surrounded by marine life, no diving experience required. ($$$)
  2. Horseback Riding on the Beach
    • Experience Bermuda’s beauty on a horseback ride along the beach. ($$$)
  3. Glow Worms Safari
    • Take a boat tour to witness the magical glow of Bermuda’s bioluminescent worms. ($$$)
  4. Kayak Adventures
    • Paddle through calm waters and explore coastal mangroves. ($$ – $$$)
  5. Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise
    • Explore the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle on an evening cruise. ($$$)

Family Fun

  1. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo
    • Discover the island’s wildlife and marine life in interactive exhibits. ($$)
  2. Pirate Ship Adventure
    • Embark on a fun-filled pirate ship tour, perfect for families. ($$)
  3. Mini Golf
    • Enjoy a round of mini golf with the family, featuring Bermuda-themed obstacles. ($$)
  4. Fantasea Diving & Watersports
    • Engage in various watersports and activities suitable for all ages. ($ – $$$)
  5. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
    • Learn about the ocean’s mysteries through interactive exhibits and a virtual submarine. ($$)

Seasonal and Special Events

  1. Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts
    • Experience live performances ranging from music to theatre during this annual event. ($$ – $$$)
  2. Cup Match Cricket Festival
    • Join locals in celebrating this significant cultural event with cricket, food, and festivities. (Free – $ for event access)
  3. Harbour Nights
    • Enjoy a street festival with food, music, and local crafts every Wednesday night during summer. (Free)
  4. Bermuda Carnival
    • Participate in vibrant parades, boat rides, and dance parties during this lively June celebration. ($ – $$$)
  5. Christmas Boat Parade
    • Marvel at boats decorated with festive lights in a stunning December parade. (Free)

These activities offer a comprehensive look at what King’s Wharf, Bermuda, has in store for visitors, providing a mix of relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion, and family fun.

Whether you’re looking to explore the island’s rich history, indulge in local cuisine, or simply soak up the sun on a pink sand beach, King’s Wharf has something to offer every traveler.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Getting There

Reaching King’s Wharf, Bermuda, is an adventure in itself, offering various modes of transportation that cater to different preferences and starting points.

Whether you’re flying in from another country or cruising through the Atlantic, the journey to this island paradise is as exciting as the destination.

Here’s how you can make your way to King’s Wharf, Bermuda.

By Air

  • L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA)
    • Bermuda’s only airport serves as the primary gateway for international travelers. Located about 12 miles from King’s Wharf, it offers flights from major cities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
    • Getting to King’s Wharf: Once you land, you can reach King’s Wharf by taxi, shuttle, or public bus. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic and mode of transportation.

By Cruise

  • Arriving by Cruise Ship
    • King’s Wharf is one of the main cruise ports in Bermuda, welcoming visitors from the East Coast of the United States and other parts of the world. The Royal Naval Dockyard, where King’s Wharf is located, is equipped to accommodate large vessels.
    • Docking Information: Cruise passengers disembark directly at the Royal Naval Dockyard, providing immediate access to many attractions, dining, and shopping options.

By Private Boat

  • Yachting to Bermuda
    • Bermuda is a popular destination for sailors and yachters, offering several marinas that cater to private vessels. The Royal Naval Dockyard has facilities for docking private boats, but it’s essential to check in advance for availability and fees.
    • Customs and Entry: All private boats must clear customs at the designated ports of entry. Ensure you have all necessary documentation ready for inspection.
King's Wharf Bermuda

Transportation Options from the Airport to King’s Wharf

  1. Taxi Services
    • Taxis are readily available outside the airport. They offer a convenient and comfortable way to reach King’s Wharf, especially if you’re traveling with luggage.
    • Cost: Prices vary depending on the time of day and number of passengers, but expect to pay around $60-$80 for a one-way trip.
  2. Public Buses
    • For those looking for a more economical option, Bermuda’s public bus system offers routes from the airport to various parts of the island, including a transfer to the Dockyard.
    • Cost: A few dollars per person, but be mindful of luggage restrictions on buses.
  3. Shuttle Services
    • Some hotels and resorts offer shuttle services from the airport to King’s Wharf. Check with your accommodation in advance to arrange pickup.
    • Cost: Often included with your stay or available for an additional fee.
  4. Rental Cars
    • While rental cars are an option, it’s important to note that Bermuda has strict regulations on tourist driving. Visitors may rent electric minicars or scooters as alternatives.
    • Cost: Varies by rental company and type of vehicle.

Tips for a Smooth Arrival

  • Check Entry Requirements: Ensure you have a valid passport and any required visas before your trip.
  • Book Transfers in Advance: Consider arranging your transportation from the airport to King’s Wharf before you arrive to save time and avoid any hassle.
  • Currency: Bermuda dollars (BMD) are on par with US dollars, which are also widely accepted. However, having some local currency can be handy for small purchases and public transportation.

Arriving at King’s Wharf, Bermuda, is the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Whether you’re flying in to experience the island’s charm, arriving by cruise to explore its shores, or sailing in on a private boat, the beauty and allure of Bermuda welcome you with open arms.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Getting Around King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Navigating King’s Wharf and the wider Bermuda is an integral part of your adventure on the island.

Despite its small size, Bermuda offers a variety of transportation options suited for every preference and budget.

Here’s how to explore all the sights and experiences King’s Wharf has to offer, efficiently and comfortably.

Public Transportation

  • Buses
    • Bermuda’s pink buses are a reliable and affordable way to travel across the island, connecting King’s Wharf with Hamilton, St. George’s, and other key locations.
    • Tips: Purchase a transportation pass for unlimited rides on buses and ferries. Be mindful of the limited schedule in the evenings and on Sundays.
  • Ferries
    • The Sea Express ferry service is a scenic and efficient way to get around, offering routes that connect King’s Wharf with Hamilton, Paget, and Warwick.
    • Advantages: Ferries offer a picturesque journey across Bermuda’s waters, often faster than road travel due to the island’s winding roads.

On Wheels

  • Scooters and Electric Bikes
    • Renting a scooter or an electric bike is a popular choice for those looking to explore Bermuda at their own pace.
    • Considerations: Visitors must have a valid driver’s license and should be cautious of local driving habits and left-hand traffic.
  • Taxis
    • Taxis are widely available and can be hailed on the street or booked in advance. They’re a convenient option for direct trips or personalized tours of the island.
    • Note: Agree on the fare in advance or ensure the meter is running to avoid surprises.
  • Minicar Rentals
    • Electric minicars are a comfortable, eco-friendly alternative to scooters, offering more protection from the elements and space for luggage.
    • Booking: It’s advisable to reserve your minicar in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

By Foot

  • Walking
    • King’s Wharf and its immediate surroundings are pedestrian-friendly, with many attractions, dining, and shopping options within walking distance.
    • Benefits: Walking is not only healthy but also allows you to discover hidden gems and enjoy Bermuda’s stunning scenery at a leisurely pace.

By Water

  • Water Taxis
    • Private water taxis can be a quick and stylish way to travel between specific locations, offering a unique perspective of Bermuda’s coastline.
    • Usage: Ideal for accessing remote beaches or for a luxurious trip to dinner at a waterfront restaurant.

Travel Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Review maps and schedules for public transportation to maximize your sightseeing time.
  • Local Advice: Don’t hesitate to ask locals for directions or recommendations; Bermudians are known for their friendliness and hospitality.
  • Safety First: Always wear a helmet when riding scooters or bikes, and familiarize yourself with local traffic laws.
  • Transportation Passes: Consider purchasing a transportation pass if you plan to use public buses and ferries frequently. These are available at various points, including the visitor information center at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Exploring King’s Wharf and beyond offers a blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation.

Whether you prefer the independence of scootering around the island, the scenic routes of public ferries, or the comfort of taxis, getting around Bermuda is an enjoyable part of your travel experience.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Accommodations in King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Finding the perfect place to stay is key to enjoying your Bermuda adventure. King’s Wharf and its surrounding areas offer a variety of accommodations to suit every preference and budget.

From luxurious resorts with breathtaking ocean views to cozy guesthouses steeped in local charm, here’s a guide to where you can stay during your visit to King’s Wharf, Bermuda.

Luxury Resorts

  • Fairmont Southampton
    • Description: Perched atop Bermuda’s highest point, this iconic resort offers stunning views, a private beach club, and an 18-hole golf course.
    • Amenities: Multiple dining options, spa, tennis courts, and water sports.
    • Price Range: $$$$
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
    • Description: Known as the “Pink Palace,” this luxury hotel in Hamilton offers sophisticated elegance with modern amenities, a short ferry ride from King’s Wharf.
    • Amenities: Infinity pool, private marina, art collection, and beach club access.
    • Price Range: $$$$

Mid-Range Hotels

  • The Royal Palms Hotel
    • Description: A charming boutique hotel set in a historic manor house, offering a tranquil garden setting close to Hamilton.
    • Amenities: Complimentary breakfast, wine hour, and pool access.
    • Price Range: $$$
  • Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
    • Description: An adults-only retreat located on a private peninsula, ideal for romantic getaways, offering cottage-style accommodations and panoramic sea views.
    • Amenities: Spa, multiple beaches, and water sports.
    • Price Range: $$$

Budget-Friendly Options

  • Edgehill Manor Guest House
    • Description: A cozy and inviting guest house located in Hamilton, offering comfortable rooms and easy access to local attractions.
    • Amenities: Continental breakfast, pool, and garden.
    • Price Range: $$
  • Sandpiper Apartments
    • Description: Self-catering apartments providing a home-away-from-home experience, perfect for families or longer stays.
    • Amenities: Kitchenette, outdoor pool, and BBQ facilities.
    • Price Range: $$

Unique Stays

  • Pompano Beach Club
    • Description: A family-owned resort offering breathtaking oceanfront views and direct beach access, located on the southwest coast.
    • Amenities: Golf, spa, water sports, and fine dining.
    • Price Range: $$$
  • Rosewood Bermuda
    • Description: Blending old-world charm with modern luxury, this resort offers an exclusive escape with access to a private beach, golf course, and spa.
    • Amenities: Multiple dining venues, pools, and a fitness center.
    • Price Range: $$$$

Vacation Rentals

  • Airbnb and VRBO
    • Description: A wide range of vacation rental options are available throughout Bermuda, from beachfront villas to cozy apartments in Hamilton.
    • Benefits: Flexibility, more space, and often more affordable options for groups or families.
    • Price Range: $ – $$$$, depending on the property and season.

Booking Tips

  • Book Early: Especially during peak travel seasons (May through September), accommodations can fill up quickly.
  • Consider Location: Decide whether you prefer to be close to King’s Wharf and its attractions or in a quieter, more secluded area.
  • Check Transportation: Ensure your chosen accommodation is conveniently located near public transportation or offers rental options if you plan to explore the island.
  • Read Reviews: Previous guests’ experiences can provide valuable insights into what to expect from your stay.

Whether you’re looking for the luxury of a beachfront resort, the intimacy of a boutique hotel, or the convenience of a vacation rental, King’s Wharf, Bermuda, offers accommodations that promise a comfortable and memorable stay.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Dining and Nightlife in King’s Wharf, Bermuda

King’s Wharf, Bermuda, is not just a visual feast but also a culinary delight, offering an array of dining experiences that cater to every palate.

From fresh seafood harvested from the surrounding Atlantic waters to traditional Bermudian dishes infused with a blend of British and Portuguese influences, here’s where to eat and how to enjoy the nightlife during your stay in King’s Wharf.

Dining in King’s Wharf

Gourmet Restaurants

  • The Waterlot Inn
    • Description: Nestled dockside, this centuries-old inn offers a premier steakhouse experience with an award-winning wine list.
    • Specialties: Aged steaks, seafood, and classic Bermudian dishes.
    • Price Range: $$$$
  • Frog and Onion Pub
    • Description: A traditional British pub set within the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, offering hearty meals and house-brewed beers.
    • Specialties: Pub fare, including fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Bermuda fish chowder.
    • Price Range: $$

Casual Eats

  • The Dockyard Pastry Shop
    • Description: A cozy bakery and café perfect for breakfast or a light lunch, serving homemade pastries and sandwiches.
    • Specialties: Pastries, cakes, and Bermuda banana bread.
    • Price Range: $
  • Woody’s Sports Bar
    • Description: A local favorite for casual dining, known for its seafood and lively atmosphere.
    • Specialties: Bermuda fish sandwich, conch fritters, and rum swizzle.
    • Price Range: $$

Seafood and International Cuisine

  • Barracuda Grill
    • Description: Renowned for its chic ambiance and inventive seafood dishes, located in Hamilton, a short ferry ride away.
    • Specialties: Seafood, steaks, and an extensive wine list.
    • Price Range: $$$$
  • LITT Seafood & Bar
    • Description: Offering a fusion of local and international flavors with a focus on fresh, sustainable seafood.
    • Specialties: Seafood platters, sushi, and craft cocktails.
    • Price Range: $$$

Nightlife in King’s Wharf

King’s Wharf and the broader Bermuda area offer a variety of nightlife options, from laid-back pubs to sophisticated lounges and lively clubs.

Whether you’re looking to unwind with a cocktail or dance the night away, there’s something for every night owl.

Pubs and Bars

  • Swizzle Inn
    • Description: Home of the original Rum Swizzle, Bermuda’s national drink, this pub offers a fun atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks.
    • Atmosphere: Casual with live music on certain nights.
  • The Frog and Onion Pub
    • Nightlife: In addition to its dining offerings, it becomes a lively spot in the evenings, especially during live sports events.

Clubs and Lounges

  • The Loft at The Hamilton Princess
    • Description: A stylish lounge offering signature cocktails, fine wines, and live entertainment, perfect for a sophisticated evening out.
    • Atmosphere: Elegant and relaxed.
  • Cosmopolitan Nightclub
    • Description: A vibrant club in Hamilton, known for its DJ nights and themed parties.
    • Atmosphere: Energetic and perfect for dancing.

Local Events and Festivals

Bermuda’s calendar is dotted with cultural events and festivals that offer a glimpse into the island’s traditions and community spirit. From Harbour Nights, a weekly street festival in Hamilton, to the Bermuda Carnival in June, visitors can enjoy local music, dance, and cuisine.

Dining and Nightlife Tips

  • Reservations: For high-end restaurants, especially during tourist season, it’s wise to book in advance.
  • Dress Code: Some upscale restaurants and clubs have a dress code; check in advance to ensure your attire is appropriate.
  • Explore Locally: Don’t hesitate to venture beyond King’s Wharf for dining and nightlife options. Hamilton and St. George’s offer diverse experiences worth exploring.
  • Transportation: If you plan on enjoying Bermuda’s nightlife, ensure you have a safe way back to your accommodation. Taxis are reliable, and some venues may offer shuttle services.

Whether you’re indulging in the island’s culinary delights or experiencing its vibrant nightlife, King’s Wharf, Bermuda, offers a rich tapestry of tastes and sounds that promise to make your visit truly memorable.

King's Wharf Bermuda

Practical Tips and Advice for Visiting King’s Wharf, Bermuda

A trip to King’s Wharf, Bermuda, is an escape to a paradise of pink sand beaches, historic sites, and vibrant culture.

To ensure your visit is as enjoyable and smooth as possible, here are some practical tips and advice.

Before You Go

  • Passport and Documents: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date. Check if you need a visa based on your nationality.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.
  • Currency: Bermuda accepts both Bermuda dollars (BMD) and U.S. dollars (USD). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it’s wise to carry some cash for small purchases.
  • Electrical Outlets: Bermuda uses the same plugs and electrical voltage as the United States and Canada (110V). Bring an adapter if needed.


  • Clothing: Bermuda’s climate is subtropical. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing for the day and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Don’t forget swimwear, a sun hat, and sunglasses.
  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring. Bring sandals or flip-flops for the beach.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen is essential, even on cloudy days. Consider reef-safe sunscreen to protect marine life.

Upon Arrival

  • Transportation: Familiarize yourself with transportation options. Taxis, buses, and ferries are convenient ways to get around. Remember, tourists are not allowed to rent cars but can rent scooters or electric bikes.
  • Local SIM Card: Consider purchasing a local SIM card for your phone for easier communication and navigation.
  • Time Zone: Bermuda operates on Atlantic Standard Time (AST), one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). Adjust your watch accordingly.

During Your Stay

  • Water Safety: Always heed local warnings and flags at beaches. Rip currents can be strong, especially on the south shore.
  • Respect Nature: Bermuda is known for its natural beauty. Respect wildlife and marine life, and do not remove coral or shells from the beaches.
  • Dining: Tipping is customary in Bermuda, with 15-20% being standard in restaurants if a service charge is not already included on the bill.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Bermudians are known for their friendliness and politeness. Greet people with a smile and a simple “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.”

Health and Safety

  • Medical Facilities: Bermuda has good medical facilities, but healthcare can be expensive. Ensure your travel insurance covers medical treatment.
  • Stay Hydrated: The Bermuda sun can be intense. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially when spending time outdoors.
  • Emergency Numbers: Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers. The general emergency number in Bermuda is 911.

Environmental Awareness

  • Reef Safe: Use reef-safe sunscreen to protect Bermuda’s coral reefs from chemical damage.
  • Reduce Plastic Use: Minimize your plastic consumption by using a reusable water bottle and bags. Bermuda is actively working towards reducing plastic waste.

Visiting King’s Wharf, Bermuda, is an unforgettable experience. With these practical tips and advice, you’re well-prepared to enjoy everything this beautiful destination has to offer, from its stunning landscapes and rich history to its warm, welcoming culture.

king's wharf bermuda